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Dovery Academy

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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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New Reception Pupils

New Reception Pupils

Welcome to Dovery academy

Every child’s early days at school are so important.  At Dovery Academy children take their first steps on a journey of education growing quickly in confidence due to the secure and happy environment.  The school is small enough that the youngest child is not daunted but large enough to be able to provide the broad and robust curriculum needed to challenge the older pupils.

On entry every child joins one of the three school teams which are named after some of the birds that inhabit our woodland area:  Jays, Owls and Woodpeckers.  Children are awarded team points which they post into their team's box.  A sense of collaborative achievement is palpable each week in Birthday and Awards Assembly when the result of the weekly team challenge is announced.

The School Council is elected from the children in years 2, 3 and 4 one from each team.  These councillors will be aware of all new children in Reception in their team, be ready to welcome them and watch out for them during playtimes.

In a small school, the staff are able to get to know each child and be conscious of individual needs.  Through individual and small group teaching strengths are built up and weaknesses addressed.

The academic needs of the children are catered for.  Lessons and activities are tailored specifically to meet their developing minds.  By the time they move on to middle school, all children will have represented the school in one form or another at the many and varied activities organised locally between other Lower Schools.

In a small school, relatively young children have the opportunity to be given responsibility in a way which would not be possible in a larger environment, where they would still be regarded as ‘the infants’.  At Dovery Academy, our older children have their own duties and responsibilities, which are taken very seriously.

Please find our Admissions Policy on the Policy page.